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Working with buyers and sellers in real estate is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. To be a part of someone’s journey… to take them through a process that leads to achieving their end goal is so satisfying and so enriching. So many of my clients have become friends, and continuing to stay in touch with them long after their buying or selling is done is one of my favorite things to do! Real Estate is about relationships… it’s so much more than a transaction to me. It’s about being a memory maker for them and creating an experience they’ll never forget.

So, What's YOUR next move? Whether it's buying or selling, my goal is to make it the BEST. Born and raised in Pella, I appreciate and understand small town life. In my teen and adult years, I ventured out to Florida, CO, N.Y., TN, and MO, and ultimately, ended up being best suited in my "Heart Home", Iowa. Throughout my many travels, I have come to understand and appreciate what it's like to come from a different place, and settle back in to "Iowa" life again. With the good, and the bad things that can come about during a move or transition, my hope is that I can shed some light on some of the ways we can make it easier together, and hope to make your home buying or selling experience as pleasing, and stress-free as possible. As a daughter, I have helped my parents move from one stage of life to another. As a wife, I have followed my husband and I's dreams, taken chances, and benefited from the experience that brings. As a mother, I have kept "home base" safe, and have maintained a place that hopefully, everyone enjoys coming back home to for a visit ~whether short, or extended. From time to time, I write songs: sometimes about life's experiences, sometimes with questions about "why". With all of that said, my commitment to you as a realtor, is to do my very best to help you in YOUR journey, so that you can continue to write a story of your own, on the pages of your life. I have helped clients in several counties around this state, and no transition is too small or too big for me to take on, as we commit to the task together. Thank you for considering me as your agent of choice.

Enjoying the journey!



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